To the President of the United States of America

Dear Mr. Trump

You have a lot of nuclear weapons. They are the best. Nobody has more nuclear weapons then you have. Everybody says so.

However you can not use them. Your staff can tell you about it. There a very severe reasons for you not to use them. It is mostly because they are so dangerous. So they are just lying around. So sad.

Nobody else can use them either. Everybody would be very happy if you would get rid of these things. They would write books about you. Better books then there have been.

We kindly offer to get rid of them for you. We are science experts who have no interest in politics what so ever. We just know how to make no bomb where previously has been a bomb. That’s it. Of course you can keep your fissile materials. We just make the nasty bomb go away.

We will even give you a button for it which says „very very very great President“. And the best thing is: It’s for free. We don’t take anything for it. Not a single bug. Gratis. Für umsonst.

Theses things are of no use for anyone and a danger to everyone. If you get rid of them, you will be a hero. Please be a hero Mr. President. We clearly need one.

Sincerely yours,


Warum es eine richtig gute Idee ist, Atomwaffen los zu werden? Hier entlang!

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